Saturday, 21 March 2020

Different types and services of classifieds

No matter if you are looking to post or to read classifieds, knowing the different types and services will always help. First, it will give you a better perspective of how and what to look for. In the same time, it will give you some clues about the efficiency of the hosting platform and about the personality of the one who posted those paid or free classified ads. Read on and you will have a better understanding.

The first and most obvious type of classification is given by the name of this popular online marketing channel: classifieds are called like that because the ads are listed and displayed by specific categories and by region. From this perspective, one can look up for sales, pets, services, jobs, automobiles, real estate, community activities, resumes, free stuffs or personal needs – and, of course, by taking into account the geographical area where the order can be honored. The better a website is organized on this chapter, the more professional it is and you should be capable to obtain real benefits from posting on it.

As you go deeper into the structure of that website, you will notice how classifieds can have different features. The way that authors conceive the texts, the information they provide and the call to action they include can lead to four different types of ads: more info, buy now, make an offer or auction messages. With the “more info” ads, you get as much information as you need to become curious about the offer and want to contact the seller.

The “buy now” ads may either include some e-commerce features, or just launch a strong and powerful call to action. It can either make the reader unable to refuse the offer or specify all the details for an online transaction or for setting the delivery options. Alternatively, with “make an offer” approaches, the website can provide detailed information about the delivery options, the statuses of the offers and similar offers listed on the same page with the main ad. Finally yet importantly, auctions can be organized by the book or by simply allowing visitors to make public offers and letting the seller to choose the best one.

Keep in mind that the particularities above listed do not necessarily have to wear those labels in written. A user can interpret them in one way or another and accept the system or look for a different type of ads. Because we have mentioned the user, we can state that even they can be classified by different criteria. For example, there are the hidden ones, who love looking for bargains but for whatever reasons they fear revealing their identity, so they post with pseudonyms or anonymous. There are the regular users, who log in on free classified ads websites as often as they log in on Facebook. In addition, there are the scammers, who post false classifieds just to satisfy their crazy needs. Looking into a user’s history will help you trust its ads more or less.

We will put an end to this classification with other obvious criteria - the costs. Whether you choose for paid or free classified ads, you need to analyze the overall performances of that website. Paying for a submission do not guarantee high traffic and many free websites prove more proficient from this perspective!

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